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The Beginning of Yesichat

The best chat room on web January 20, 2017

I have been in the chatting world for 5 years now. I like going to chat rooms and making new friends. In my 5 years of chat experience what I also experienced was spam, abuse and irritating people. Of course there is no way to permanently stop these people or to escape from them. I have been to various chat sites of indian origin as well of different countries too. So why does a new chat room site has to come up when there are already a million of them? Obviously when there already a million of them exicting on the wide internet was it necessary to add a new one. If you ask me I will say yes. Unless I have something new and cool to show I am not going to get anyone to visit my site.

In my five years of experience on chat sites I have met several people from various countries in a single room. Its really joyful to see such a variety of people at the same place. I enjoyed talking to them all. Then suddenly a guy comes and starts posting random messages and floods the chat. All of us are distracted and irritated but we have no option rather than to let that guy get tired flodding the entire chat room. Meanwhile a bunch of guys enter the chat room and start swearing on everyone for no reason. Is that how you have fun? If yes you should see a doctor because majority of the chat site users love to chat in a peaceful environment. How do you feel if someone keeps banging you and asks you to come to his place. These are bunch of guys who will ruin your day by advertising their chat sites.

I want to ask something, if your site really has anything better than this then its for sure that you are going to have tones of users at your place so what is the use of flooding other sites? So, this is how I felt unless I had my unique idea of having my own new chat site. YesIChat. Now the question comes what was unique about my concept? As I shared about spammers and abusers, there were no proper means to have control upon them. There were no moderation systems against them. They were free to harass users. But YesIChat is capable of abiding them by the rules we agree them upon before they enter our chat rooms. We have a proper moderation system to have control over them and this system is controlled by the chat users within the chat room.

Now the real cause behind YesIChat is the impact of flash chat on my or anyone's pc. Flash chats can really be a pain in your nerve. You're eager to see your friends, to share your day's activities and then you come to know your cnnection is slow. Now what? You have to wait for minutes for the flash chat to completely load. And after it loads? Let it crash your personal computer and restart your browser now start from the beginning again. Flash chat really kills your personal computer and you have no way out of it because most chat rooms on the web are flash chat rooms. Anywhere you go, any chat site you visit you have the flash chat waiting with a sharp edged sword to pass through your peronal computer's RAM and disk usage.

Enough of my experience , with my words you can actually see how harassed I am with using those chat rooms. Now let me take you on a peaceful tour to how suddenly I got this name yesichat. It was an early morning and I was on a basic design chat site. Suddenly a spammer enetrs and he made high speed floods, the chat room went silent for hours that day. The spam continued for hours. Fed up of the spam I said to my friend if it was my chat room I could have found a way to get rid of that spammer. And for my shock my fiend said, why not we have our own chat site? I stood silent for a while and then said if it was possible we should start a chat site of our own. Then the first thing was finding a good domain. A lot of ideas filled our mind but most of the domains were already taken. Then suddenly this question came into my mind,"Do you chat?". Oh wow I said but that was a little weird name, then came the answer,"Yes I chat." Geek that sounds so familiar and amusing. I asked my friend to check if that name was actually available. And for our luck this name was still available. We wasted no time and immidiately reserved the domain. The afterwards story would be too long and I dont want to bore you with that. Lets save it for some other time.

Soon our site was up and we had our friends as our first visitors and after indexing our site on google we had new incomings to our chat room. Thanks to google we are still having new visitors from google search. Finally, what makes Yesichat.com unique? Yesichat is light, its design is attractive, i bet you will be addicted to it if you stay here a day. We have neat, clean and familiar interface to other chat sites. And the most amazing thing is that you can use yesichat on your android phone too without downloading app. Its 100% mobile friendly. If you do not believe me, check this: Google Mobile Friendly Test Report its a report by google stating our site is mobile-friendly. Either a tablet, phone, laptop or your personal computer, you will not have to complain about the user experience. Its that simple. Its upto you now that what place you choose for making your day wonderful, is it yesichat or some other? If its yesichat click the link below to join the chat and make new friends.