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Chatroom Basic Etiquette

Author: TrumpMcDonald February 19, 2017

Hello I am Trump, an old member of Yesichat awarded with VIP user rank. It feels great to see that yesichat is still able to keep promises by enhancing moderation against molesters and spammers. However, as new members are increasing day by day, many times a day, we get to meet users who have attention seeking or interrupting behaviour. Such users change the topic of chat and deteriorate the overall community environment. Chatrooms are great places to meet people from different walks of life. It is each and every user’s responsibility to practice proper chatroom etiquette, so as to provide a conducive virtual environment for virtual communication to take place.
To ensure a flame-free experience for all, I have collated a few basic etiquette tips that everyone should observe:
1) Upon joining a chatroom, read up on the chat’s rules
2) Upon joining a chatroom for the first time, observe how the chatroom operates. After getting used to it, you may then hop into the chat.
3) When you are ready to be engaged in a virtual conversation for the first time, perform a self-introduction. This would aid others in knowing and understanding you better.
4) Be “OCD” – Avoid the use of profanities or abusive languages. Keep Calm And Keep It Clean!
5) Fix your broken caps lock – Do not capitalize words / sentences excessively, as it is considered rude. In chatrooms, capitalizing words / sentences is perceived as yelling. To maintain the chatroom’s conduciveness, I suggest that we avoid capitalizing (Or invest in a new caps lock key).
6) Address someone in chat by their in-chat nickname. Some chats tend to progress quickly and you (Or the other party) may find it hard to keep up with the chat if you are not precise with the naming.
7) Try not to reveal your personal information in chatrooms, as chat contents are made public. Instead, reveal your personal information only to people you TRUST, through Private Messaging (If applicable).
8) Avoid confronting abusive chat users, because if everyone does that, the chat admins would be jobless :(
9) Be a good listener, and others will return the favor ^ ^
10) Welcome all the newbies! (1000 Years ago, I was one too!)
11) Last but not least, DO NOT SPAM! (I’m sorry for capping lol) It degrades the chatroom!
It is not hard to observe these etiquettes online, and it is definitely worthwhile as it will help you cope better in chatrooms! With that I wish you all good luck and may you all (Non-abusive / Non-spamming users) have an enjoyable experience in chatrooms!