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About us

Who we are?

The world is progressing everyday and everyone's attempts are to keep up with the pace of the spinning globe. With the breakneck development and advancement taking place in the world, hardly there stands a person today who wouldn't claim that he is BUSY! Though it cant be justified if the world is progressing or degressing just by observing materialistic achievements like the discovery of water on mars or the discovery of ice in Sahara desert. There are changes in Fashion, Lifestyle, Fooding and clothing trend and even in relationships. They way your parents used to talk and behave to your grandparents for sure isn't the way you must be talking to your parents. Relationships can be broken with a series of simultaneous clicks, as everything that we have is on the internet and everything that we have is the internet.
Chits have been replaced by Tweets, Links have been replaced by LinkedIns and no wonder that creativity has been replaced by googling skills. But the thing that can be vividly assured is that LOVE is the only neophobe. The only thing that is resisting change with the spinning rate of your clock's needles or the tear offs of your hanging calendar. The way you can describe love can be influenced by the way you were brought up in and the place you are living/ have lived in but the biochemical com spritual descriptions of love stay unaltered.

Love can never possess. Love is giving freedom to the other. Love is an unconditional gift, it is not a bargain - Osho
We are the truth-keepers. The protectors of Love. We care for you and your friends. They matter in our life. Nobody is ever too BUSY, if they care, they will make time. Love is authentic only when it gives freedom. Love is true only when it respects the other person's individuality and their privacy. Taking care of the precious constituents of love, we have prepared the foundation of YesIChat taking FREEDOM and PRIVACY side by side. We have taken an oath to always stand as a helpful connector for those people who believe that there are websites on internet just for the sake of love and not for advertisement revenue. We promise to aid you to reach the people you care for in crisis, emergencies, disasters and other various necessary scenarios mentioning not just the good days aside.

This a free chatroom that provides link to people from around the world.

  • YesIChat allows you to chat without registration/login, make friends, have fun, know people around you, talk to strangers, perform private chats in a community moderated environment.
  • YesIChat chatroom has been secured with anti-spam security so that you get to only hear of the people who matter to you and to substitute the need of putting on ear muffs and chat compromisingly in noisy, filthy, spammy and annoying environment. As there is no place for pests in our homes so, how could we allow buggy spammers in our rooms.
  • YesIChat allows registered users to perform private chats incase they find like minded people.
  • YesIChat allows users to ignore those users who seem inappropriate to them. This feature is highly useful to ignore annoying and abusive people.
  • We have cool emoticons to make your chat interesting. It has been well said that a picture expresses a thousand words. So we were determined to substitute most of your feelings with our carefully handpicked time saving smileys.
  • YesIChat allows users to share images, links and videos during chat to have more fun.
  • Regular users on YesIChat are promoted, users with higher ranks have higher privileges.
We are a group of virtual friends having a dream to have our own small and sweet community of users and we will be honoured by every sort of your efforts.

If you wish to contact us for providing suggestions or any other purpose, enter the chat application and click the three lines icon at the top left > About > Send Message.
Or simply, contact any of the vip members or moderators.

Regards- Team YesIChat (YIC)

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