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Yesichat is a website that offers services for conducting chats over the internet. Prior to the implementation of a targeted push notification strategy, Yesichat battled with poor click-through rates on push notifications, with only a 2% rate of users clicking on the alerts. This problem was solved by the implementation of the strategy.

Yesichat decided to undertake a scientific case study in order to increase push notification click-through rates. The purpose of the study was to discover the elements that were contributing to the low click-through rates and to establish how to improve them.

The time of the push notifications was the first aspect that Yesichat recognised as being significant. Yesichat discovered that the click-through rates for push notifications were significantly greater when they were delivered at times of day when users were more likely to be actively using the website. Because user data was analysed, Yesichat was able to establish the best times to deliver push notifications. As a consequence, the company witnessed a large rise in the number of users who clicked on the alerts.

The Yesichat researchers found that the substance of the push notifications was the second most important aspect. According to the findings of Yesichat, alerts with short, pertinent information were significantly more successful at generating clicks than notifications with extended, unspecific material. The Yesichat was successful in increasing its click-through rates by putting more emphasis on giving concise and specific alerts.

Lastly, Yesichat discovered that an effective method for increasing clicks was to tailor the alerts sent to certain users depending on the activities and interests they displayed while using the website. Yesichat was able to boost the relevance and value of the notifications they sent out to users, which resulted in greater click-through rates. This was accomplished by giving users alerts that were relevant to them based on the specific interests they had indicated.

The Yesichat was able to boost its click-through rate for push notifications from 2% to 36% by using tailored push notifications. This contributed to the overall success of the organisation. Yesichat was successful in achieving a large improvement in this critical measure because it analysed user data, identified key elements that influenced click-through rates, and implemented targeted, relevant alerts.

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