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We heartily welcome people from lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender communities to be a member of our online community.

Yesichat ❤️ LGBT.

Feel free to try the following online communities:

Links to LGBT chat rooms

Chat with lesbian, gay chat, bisexual & transgender strangers from all over the world. Meet interesting people, ask and answer questions and organize discussions/ polls. Our chat rooms are well facilitated and mobile friendly. Some of the notable features are the Private Chat, Block List, Friend List, Audio Call, Video Call & Random Chat.

No app, no registration and no email verification is required to join our LGBT chat rooms. These chat rooms are open chat rooms by nature which gives you the opportunity to meet strangers from different countries. If you feel to make a private chat room, you can create your own password protected chat room.

Meet LGBT youth online

The vastness of the world should not be a barrier in allowing you to meet like minded people. Internet has made it easier for people with common interests to communicate together in chat rooms. Our LGBT chat rooms let you meet youth online with whom you can talk about interesting topics.

Talk with LGBT strangers

Bored of people you already know & have in your life? May be you should try talking to strangers. Talking to like minded LGBT strangers is a creative way of spending your time online. If you can ask questions or talk about your issues with strangers, make sure to not reveal any personal information like name, age, location, job, office location, etc. Also, mean strangers may say mean things to you, block them & don’t take it personally.

LGBT support groups

Please check the Support Organizations if you believe rights are being violated. You can talk about your issues in our LGBT chat rooms but make sure to not tell anyone anything personal about you for privacy. Also, the advice/suggestions provided by people in our chat rooms are their personal opinions. Please do not take them as professional advice.

LGBT chat apps

You can download our chat app through this link: Download LGBT Chat App Once you have installed it, scroll down the rooms list until you find the room of your interest. Also, you can search for LGBT chat rooms of your interest.

LGBT group therapy

Talking to people about common LGBT issues can help you get better idea about that specific issue. You might also want to try our depression & anxiety support chat room. These chat rooms are not professional therapy providers. If people say mean things to you, block them & do not be offended.

LGBT online counseling free

You can help people in our online LGBT chat rooms by cheering them up, providing them information and sharing your experiences with them. If you are the one in need, you might be able to find someone who would love to provide you free online counseling in our LGBT chat rooms. Since, this is not professional counseling, please do not ignore the mean words/unsuitable advice from users.

LGBT dating apps

You can download our dating app through this link: Download LGBT Dating App Once installed, you will be presented a list of rooms. You can talk to people in these rooms and once you find that special person, add them to your friend list & talk to them in private chat. You can also enjoy our audio call & video call features for free.

LGBT groups online

We have many LGBT groups on our site. However, not all of them are populated. You can use our online groups to meet strangers of your interest and talk to them about topics that you find interesting.

Meet LGBT friends

Online chat is the perfect place to make LGBT friends. You can meet interested people in LGBT chat rooms. Afterwards, you can add them to your friend list, private chat with them and voice/video call them.

LGBT website

Yesichat is an online chat room service provider that hosts several LGBT chat room communities. You may say its an LGBT website because of the volume of LGBT people we serve. We have proudly colored this blog post in the LGBT flag’s color to show the love & support that we have for them in our hearts.

If you have any suggestions or want us to make corrections to this article, please feel free to contact us via email at

chat rooms for lgbt youth

While you need space of your own we make sure we bring your liked ones closed. We have groups that are strictly based for the lgbt youth since we have volumes of teens and older from the LGBT community using our chat platform.

We make sure you get your open space and  take on strict moderation for the same cause. Its time to grow your friendship, its time make new friends from all over the world.

We have dedicated chat rooms and groups from the support of LGBT youth community. We hope you have a very wonderful time on our platform. You can block any user you do not like and can report persistent harassers to the group mods and admins.

We have special features to keep you together like voice and video calling and notifications to keep you in touch all the time.

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