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The best chat there is, they do a great job, i double recommend this to everyone. You can login without a password, but once you make a password you can make your profile, post pics, and call & video call. It’s neat. You can look at memes, go to different rooms, like lobby, teen chat 21 and up chat (im moderator there) or the road to friendship room (i’m an admin there). Or you can make your own room, and get it listed. The devs/staff are really nice people, who do hard work every day.❤️


Great format which is better than several sites I’ve been on. Its amusing that they do not have a FAQs which would make it so much easier and improve the site. It’s a great site and it has a lot of potential. I would like to see a FAQ so that users can learn the basics quickly, like how to update their profile etc.


To admin: It’s always nice to see you around. I can’t ask any favors from you cause your site is very busy and happy and good. Welcome to your own site.


You have a great site, there are people from different spectrum of life and it’s been a novel experience with up’s and down’s, thrills and chills and quite a learning experience being here for last 2 months. Thank you.


A thought bothers me often. Who would do household chores just in case my future partner would be a Y99 user too?


<Username> that doesn’t make sense. If other chat rooms were better wouldn’t we be there

A user to another

I don’t use any social media and then I found y99.in turf it cause it was free and
now I can’t get enough
10 out of 10 this place is awesome!!!

An old user

I’ll go check out some other rooms. This chat is so cool.


You can love or maybe hate Y99. But you can’t get enough of it.


Its an awesome app….with clean chat and friendly people…😊


<User1> the folks who make this place up have done a very good job. <User2> Yeah, i agree with you.

In Lobby Room

But when is the next major update coming. I’m so excited😅. Still Y99 is the best site there on the world wide web.


This site frequently updates.


I joined Y99 after I lost a job opportunity because of my poor English. It has helped me improve my communication skills and boosted my confidence.


When I am not online on y99, I’m sleeping.


I tried y99’s omegle alternative. It worked fine for me.


Is Y99 Safe?

Y99.IN secure safe chat
All communication between client and server are securely routed.

Y99 is safe because:

  • No peer to peer connections are made. (No IP exposure)
  • Guest chat is the default chat mode. (No personal information)

Is Y99 scam or legit?

You may come across a review site filled with lots of bad reviews about a website. It becomes quite confusing whether the reviews are right or not. The lengthy & descriptive reviews are actually deceptive.

Negative reviews sites are powered by a revenue model where webmasters purchase their premium plans to delete reviews. Why? Bad reviews are what grab the creator’s attention most of the time and compel them to purchase a subscription to eliminate the “false reviews”.

Y99 isn’t a product that we sell so to know whether it is legit or a scam, you have to look upon the details like your information and how they are being communicated.

The connection to this site is using a valid, trusted server certificate.

The connection to this site is encrypted and authenticated using TLS 1.3, X25519, and AES_128_GCM.

All the resources on the page are served securely.

You can find more updated reviews of Y99 on Y99 itself and Google Play Store.

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