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Learn to root your phone & unbrick it in case things go wrong. Find latest updates, apps & mods to download.

“Android Root, Unbrick, Update & Mods” is an anonymous group chat room where you can learn to Root & Unbrick your android phone. Also, you can find updates and mods for your device in these chat rooms.

The best thing about this chat room is that you don’t have to login/ sign up or register. Just enter a username and join the chat rooms. We hope you will use the service in the best possible way to make it helpful & informative for everyone.

Information on Rooting Android Device

Note: In case you have made up your mind to root you phone, scroll to the bottom of this page and read the disclaimer before continuing with this article.

What is rooting in case of Android?

Root simply means the highest level of power in Linux OS. Since, android OS is based on an modified version of Linux OS, by rooting your phone your apps can harness the power of Linux terminal.

Why rooting is associated with risk?

Since apps can open an elevated terminal & execute linux commands, its possible to corrupt system files or do something much worse.

Should I root my phone or not?

Depends on what you wish to achieve. If you can find a tutorial or forum thread with instructions on rooting your device, then you are lucky as following the steps correctly can help you root your phone most of the time. However, if you follow the steps for a wrong device model or miss a step, you might end up with a bootloop.

What is a bootloop?

All computers & phones have a boot partition. This is a space which contains critical system files that enable your phone to start. However, since these system files are patched in the process of gaining root privileges, in some unfortunate cases, rooting incorrectly patches them and therefore prevents your phone from starting up properly. When this happens, your phone stays stuck on loading animation forever.

Disclaimer: This page teaches you how to root your phone but does not encourage you to do so. Rooting bears risk and can damage your phone to an irrecoverable state. And unfortunately, we will not take any responsibility.

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