Chat for Introverts- Is there a chat site for introverts?

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Your answer is yes and there isn’t just one there are several chat sites introverts use. In fact the major chatting population of most sites is of introverts. From facebook to quora introverts can be found on all sorts of social media. If you are not ready for a group yet, you have websites and apps like ours ( is an international chat platform similar to Y99 that connects people from all over the world regardless of them being introverts or extroverts.

How to begin your introvert journey on ?

That is very simple. Below is a small roadmap to making new friends on yesichat.

  1. Create a username for yourself. You may register it or not will always be up to you. Whenever you think you would like to keep your friends register your account with a valid email.(we never ever send you a spam).
  2. Once you have entered inside, you are part of the invisible gang. You have lots of options to begin with.
  3. The easiest option you have is to begin with the first and top option “Random Chat”. The beauty of random chat is that you are entirely in control with how much exposure you receive. You can connect, chat, disconnect and then connect with new people. Its easy.
  4. The heavier or rather not so easy to go with yet the best when you get a hang of it option is chat rooms. You can join a chat room from the list of many or search for a group by name, interest.
  5. The chat room or group chats will welcome you with open hands as they do with every other fellow introverts. If you do not feel very comfortable, that isn’t the only thing to do there. Its time to explore.
  6. Go to any room’s member list and scroll from top to bottom. Try to find out why everyone is there(it gets fun the more you do it). You can send friend requests to people you find special from there.
  7. Everything after this is like eat, sleep, make friends and repeat.

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