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With a lot of websites around that let any user communicate with another user online through their pc or mobile, chatting with a stranger from another country is no longer a rare thing. There used to be a time when we would make pen friends from abroad. We wouldn’t get replies that sooner or in some cases never but it made us quite curious, didn’t it?

Today a lot of platforms on the web enable us to connect with totally stranger people from another part of the world. There are platforms that let you connect with people you know(family and friends). However, a platform that’s dedicated to help strangers chat with each other is rare but then again there are many of them that can serve this purpose.

Chat with stranger apps on web

There are thousands of websites on web that will let you connect to strangers from another country, yesichat is one of them. When we started yesichat there weren’t many who believed in something like talking to a stranger but over time the craze for it has increased significantly. There are new users/people emerging every day who put their interest into it. These users/people join various web apps not just yesichat. Being a web app makes it easy for people/users to find a platform and quickly begin the process compared to app installation.

A user can access such platform through a browser on any device that has a browser regardless of the device size i.e. desktop, mac, laptop, android phones, iphones, tablet and not limited to just that. To begin the process of chatting with a user on web a user mostly begins with a search about such platform in the search engine.

Chat with stranger on an App

When it comes to finding an app to chat with strangers it becomes an entirely different process but serves the same purpose. A person can look for an app that lets them chat with strangers on play store or app store.

The annoying problem that you will come across with these store apps is that you will have to do a lot of research, hits and trials before you find your first app that works fine. It also requires you to install and uninstall them to try out which is also out of your scope of convenience.

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