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How to create your own chat room?

You can create your own chat room on by following these simple steps.

  1. Choose a username for yourself and click continue.
  2. Once you get in if you are on desktop you will see the “Create a chat room” option on the page you land. If you are on a mobile device you will see the “Create a chat room” option by scrolling a little to the bottom.
  3. If the random chat was started by default, please click “End Chat” and hit back button on your phone and you will see the “create a chat room” option.
  4. After clicking the create a room button, a dialog box will appear where you can type your room name and click on continue or ok.
  5. Once your room gets created you will be landed on the invite screen with the congratulation message.
  6. On this page you will be shown the invite link to your room and options to share your room on other social media.
  7. The invite link will get any user directly to your room from any social media.

You can also create a chat room for private and public use from

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