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Guest Accounts

Since we do not store any of your logs or data besides your ip address simply logging out will get your account name automatically wiped after seven days if you were a guest

Account with passwords

If you had an account registered with a password and email and you would like to delete an account, you can reach us via the contact email. Registered accounts too do not get any of their logs saved for more than 3 days. Simply leaving the account inactive will let the system know of inactivity and the account will get deleted after a reasonable period of time which is mostly a month. Since none of your data is left behind except for your username which we store to relieve users of confusion.

If you need any assistance, you can reach us via the above email.

2 thoughts on “Delete an account yesichat”

  1. I’ve registered a couple times, when user name comes up I put first part of email in with the password I registered with email. Always says username already exists and won’t log in. Very confused can’t see where I can change anything. Can u tell me how to create a account so it will work, thank u

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