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Searching through Google’s many options for team chat and video capabilities might be downright confusing. Does anyone still use Google Hangouts? What sets Google Hangouts apart from Google Chat? When compared to Google Duo, how does Google Meet differ? There are plenty of people who are scratching their heads about the same thing, and the web of complexity around this topic is not easy to untangle.

Google Hangouts is Google’s first and longest-running attempt at a video chat and messaging platform. Consumer accounts, or any account with a @gmail.com or @googlemail.com extension, will be the only ones eligible for this service after June 2020. Once known as Google Hangouts, Hangouts can now be accessed from within the Gmail sidebar or at Within Google Workspace, you’ll find Meet, Google’s high-end video conferencing app (formerly G Suite). Further, an is available.

Google Meet, is very much like Google’s consumer video chat service, Hangouts, except it can accommodate a far larger number of users at once.

Google Chat, formerly known as Google Hangouts Chat, is Google’s premium team chat service that’s available as part of Google Workspace. If you use Gmail for business, you already have a premium Google Workspace account, giving you access to Chat. Direct chatting is available within the app like in consumer Hangouts, and threaded team channels are available like in Slack.

Google Duo Google’s answer to FaceTime, allowing for one-on-one video chats on mobile devices and personal PCs.

The Android system comes preloaded with an SMS client called Messages. Similar to Apple’s iMessage, you may be able to enable certain more advanced features on your mobile device if your carrier supports them.

Google Meet

Google Meet (formerly known as Google Hangouts Meet) is Google’s enterprise video conferencing software, available as part of Google Workspace and to free Google users.

It has real-time captioning and. The maximum number of people who can participate in a video call on Hangouts is 25. Users can initiate a meeting by going to, and they can schedule meetings in advance using Google Chat and Google Calendar. In contrast to Google Hangouts’ typically dark user interface, Meet’s features are organized in a clean, white menu bar. Each call participant is displayed on the right side of your screen, and you have the option to disable your camera, mute your microphone, or share your screen.

The currently-speaking participant’s video will appear in the main window by default, just like in Hangouts; but, unlike in Hangouts, you can switch to a grid view if you choose. Meet allows you to share either your entire screen, a specific Chrome tab, or a specific window. During our tests, Google Meet performed similarly to standard Hangouts, thus we can safely say that it is reliable. The only real drawback is the same one you’ll find with any other video chat service: battery life is shortened and laptop fans are activated during extended conversations. If the 720p stream is too slow, try switching to the 360p option.

You may find resources for or on the Google Workspace website. By syncing your calendars, you can set up a Google Meet meeting in no time.

Google Chat: Google’s new team chat app

Google Chat which was formerly known as Google Hangouts Chat, is a competitor to popular services like Slack and Microsoft Teams. All users get access to it by default in their Google Workspace. Interdepartmental communication is the main emphasis of chat. Groups specific to the team you invite to chat will be created.

Every group in Chat is essentially a series of threaded chats, in contrast to the optional nature of threads in Slack. Individuals within your organization can be contacted by direct message for one-on-one chats, which function similarly to the consumer version of Google Hangouts. This app works seamlessly with the rest of Google Workspace, allowing users to perform things like schedule meetings and exchange files without ever leaving the conversation. The sharing settings in Chat will be updated immediately whenever you share a Google Docs document, ensuring that all members of your team have access to it. Then, if you want to dig out some old team discussions, you may narrow your results by the kind of documents you shared, such as Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets.

Chat’s ability to have focused chats and provide individualized alerts will help you avoid distractions. You have the option to select which conversations you wish to be notified about, as well as whether you would prefer to be notified through email or mobile device. Google Chat’s built-in integrations and bots are the most interesting features, in my opinion. The @meet bot is pre-installed and can be used to schedule a meeting with anyone on your team using Google Calendar and Google Meet. The available bots in today’s version of Chat are quite extensive, and they even include a flight-searching bot from Kayak.

Additionally, bots can be added to chat rooms or used in private conversations.

What’s the best Google-powered chat app?

Over the years, Google has released more than a dozen separate voice and text chat programs. Google Talk and Wave have disappeared for good, Allo failed swiftly. No one knows for sure which apps will be available in a few decades.

What’s the best Google chat app? What follows is a brief summary of the features available in each app.

Google Hangouts

Google’s Hangouts allows users to communicate via text and video for free. Google Hangouts is a chat and video-chatting app that comes included in the free version of Gmail. You can have a conversation with anyone who has a Google account, paid or not.

In addition, you may have group video calls of up to 25 people at once, replete with hats, sound effects, and other gimmicks. Looking to broaden your appeal? If you want to stream live video from your messaging app, you may use Google Hangouts to do it. You can use Hangouts with any device that has a web browser, including desktop browsers. In addition to being just a click away in Gmail, a Hangouts link is automatically generated whenever a new Google Calendar appointment is created. It’s useful for both professional and personal conversations.

Google Duo

Google Duo, for quick, one-on-one video chats on the go. Have you ever wished that FaceTime was available on Android devices? Or that the bloatware elements of Google Hangouts video chatting might be disabled? Those of you who have been waiting for a good video chat software will be pleased to know that Google Duo is here. As far as video chat apps go, Duo is a breeze to use.

Using this software is as simple as opening it, selecting a contact, and then tapping the “Video Call” button. You can use your computer to make phone calls at.


Tools for sending text messages and multimedia message service (MMS) alerts on Android Want to use your Android handset to send and receive SMS and MMS messages? On Android, this is without a doubt the top choice. At first sight, it seems overly simplistic, but it actually provides Android users with an easy way to text while at their computers.

Additionally, you may be able to enable sophisticated capabilities like read receipts and Wi-Fi messaging via your service provider. Even while Google hasn’t quite created an Android equivalent to Apple’s iMessage, they’re getting there.

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