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What do we really mean by anonymous chat?

By anonymous chat we suggest that none of the users know who they are chatting with. The only thing the users know about is the texts they are exchanging. A user should be sure to not exchange anything that could reveal a link to their username(account name you will use to sign up ) or any other personally identifiable information that to relate to your social media accounts to maintain anonymity.

How does YesIChat makes your chat anonymous?

We do not share your username with your partner. The end user sees you as a specified name “Anonymous”. This name is used for all those users who are engaged in anonymous random chat. Each user sees the other under the assigned username “Anonymous”.

Random chat connects users randomly on basis of their interests or even completely randomly when you have not provided any interests. At times you may come across people that you may not like at all, please do not think twice to disconnect the conversation.

What happens during the anonymous chat?

To make your chat completely anonymous no logs of the conversation are stored with us. Users cannot see the conversation after disconnecting and connecting to a new users. By online anonymous chat we refer here to the “Anonymous Random Chat” option.

What should you do if you wish to keep a friend?

To add someone and reveal your username, click on the add friend button. The add friend button will send another user a invite to your profile. Please know that the invite doesn’t reveal anything except your username and the profile pic you have set.

You are still completely anonymous. There will be no chat logs available to re-read. Make sure you do not share your personally identifiable information when you talk to strangers in random chat.

Anonymous Chat India

An intelligently crafted web based anonymous chat for every Indian to enjoy their time of leisure. Anonymous chat is 100% free for anyone to enjoy by tuning their free time into quality entertainment. Indians from all over India enjoy’s anonymous chat. Why? Because there is no waiting for another user to join conversation with you.

So, you are welcome to try the Indian anonymous chat by following a few simple steps. The first step is choosing a username. The second and last step is clicking continue. Yes that’s what we meant when we said few steps. We would like you to leave all that connecting and finding stuff to us. Relax and enjoy the chat of your life.

One to one anonymous chat

On a user can choose to chat randomly with a user. We will connect you to a completely random person. The person can be from any side of the world so tighten your seat belts and choose a username for yourself.

The uniqueness of the one to one anonymous chat we provide is it doesn’t take too long to start a new conversation when you end the existing one. To be precise, we let you change partners instantly in a flash.

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