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What do we really mean by anonymous chat?

By anonymous chat we suggest that none of the users know who they are chatting with. The only thing the users know about is the texts they are exchanging.

How does YesIChat makes your chat anonymous?

We do not share your username with your partner. The end user sees you as a specified name “Anonymous”. The name is for all those users who are engaged in anonymous random chat.

Random chat connects users randomly on basis of their interests or even completely randomly when you have not provided any interests.

What happens during the anonymous chat?

To make your chat completely anonymous no logs of the conversation are stored with us. Users cannot see the conversation after disconnecting and connecting to a new users.

What should you do if you wish to keep a friend?

To add someone and reveal your username, click on the add friend button. The add friend button will send another user a invite to your profile. Please know that the invite doesn’t reveal anything except your username and the profile pic you have set.

You are still completely anonymous. There will be no chat logs available to re-read. Make sure you do not share your personally identifiable information to strangers in random chat.

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