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You may find a wide variety of chat, video chat, and messenger apps in the Play Store and the App Store with just a simple search. Today we have compiled you some of the finest ones for you to use on your Android or iOS device for texting, attachment sending, video and voice interchanges.

Best of the Chat Apps as of today

The following list embraces some of the most renowned if not the best chat apps. Even the most popular apps could be not what you look for so do spend your time deciding.


As of now, more than a billion people are using WhatsApp, making it one of the most popular chat WhatsApp programs on Android and iOS. This is an incredible amount of people who are using the same app to not only communicate with one another but also share other forms of material. That which appeals to us Totally free phone calls Free inter-app communication Sending and receiving group text messages Online video chat As for the things that bother us: Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to connect Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram for cross-platform messaging poses serious privacy and safety concerns for their users in the future. You’ll need decent bandwidth to make a video call that comes through clearly. Examples of WhatsApp’s Functions Transmission of Speech (only to other WhatsApp users) Boxes that appear with messages They have integrated full-app encryption in recent updates.

Emoticons Alerts sent immediately Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices Share your media with your network.


Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps, with millions of users, but it is most recognized for its robust end-to-end encryption, which ensures that your messages and calls remain secret. Many of the alternatives on this list cast doubt on Telegram’s assurances that users’ conversations will remain confidential. That which we find appealing: Information exchanged in a chat is reliably and universally synchronized across all supported platforms. Well-thought-out, user-friendly layout and interface • Variable Safety Measures There are some nice tweaks that can be made. The size of the files that can be shared is not a restriction.

No choice for video calls To use, the contact list must have access to the user’s phonebook, which means that the user’s mobile device must have the contact permissions set. Some voice calls didn’t come through as clearly as they did with other apps, although it could have been due to poor network connectivity. To find what you’re looking for, the search function needs some work. Here are a few of Telegram’s features: You should save your conversation logs online. Diffie-Hellman public-key encryption, RSA cyphers of up to 2048 bits, and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric 256-bit encryption GIFs and stickers • Image and Movie Manipulation • Chat in groups of up to a hundred thousand.


It’s possible to send group SMS with the help of an app called GroupMe. Why is this any different from simply sending a group text message to a number of people at once? Using your smartphone’s texting feature to send a group text merely entails sending a large number of individual texts; there is no actual dialogue taking place among all of the recipients. Even if a recipient doesn’t have the GroupMe app on their device, they will still be able to view and participate in all group chats. That which appeals to us This is a group messaging app that encourages participation from all users.

There is still support for private, one-on-one communication. Social media centred around the act of sharing and “liking” photos and videos created by users. As for the things that bother us: This is a great chat app if all you care about is group messaging, but because the vast majority of users want more functionality, it may not be the ideal choice. GroupMe has a number of features, some of which are listed below: The Use of Conference Calls Location of all participants in a conversation may be seen on a map. Use the split bill function to evenly distribute and notify guests of their respective portions of the bill (not available in all countries) Make gatherings with a “Sign Up” feature. Group polls are another option for gathering opinions.


Competing against established players like WhatsApp and Viber, Line strives to become the best voice over IP (VoIP) service available. This messaging software is popular in Asia due to its high quality voice and video features. Line is more than simply a phone service; it’s a social networking platform in its own right, with its own emoji, stickers, group chat, and media-sharing capabilities. That which appeals to us Line is not limited to mobile devices; it also works on desktop computers.

Despite not being free, calls to landlines are still rather inexpensive. Helps you organise your chats Enhanced functionality with downloadable add-ons Practically every aspect of your life may be managed with this one programme. You may use it for everything from communicating with friends and family online to making purchases using Line Pay and even calling a taxi in Japan. As for the things that bother us: Since it is not widely used in the rest of the world, getting your friends to switch over to it from their current chat software may be difficult. There are commercials, of course, but what app doesn’t have them?

The point is that it merely adds to the total visual and auditory clutter. It may take some getting used to the interface, which isn’t as polished as Facebook or as intuitive as other popular social media apps like Twitter. Specific Attributes of Line App-to-app and landline phone calls (costs money) Congregational Video Conferencing Stickers messages that mysteriously vanish Landline phone calls There are several supplementary programmes available. Amount Due in Line Live conversation with friends, family, clients, and curious onlookers.


In 2011, a social media software called WeChat was established in China. Since its initial success, has gained hundreds of millions of users worldwide, making it a formidable rival to WhatsApp and Viber. Half-duplex voice calls are unique because they function like walkie-talkies: you initiate a call by pressing a button, your voice is recorded by WeChat, and the message is forwarded to the recipient. That which appeals to us In order to sign up, all you need is either a cell phone number or a Facebook account, making the process fast and painless. All your voice and video calls will be completely free and of high quality. Easily accessible on any standard device A “Look around” button that makes you visible to other users, increasing your chances of making new friends.

That which we dislike Comparatively, the interface isn’t as polished and user-friendly as some of the other major messaging programmes. Features exclusive to WeChat Talking to yourself Conversations via video call To add contacts, simply shake the device. Stickers shaped like a selfie Taking a peek around can help you find potential new friends. The ability to send images to friends and family in real time, no matter where you are. Whenever a buddy sends you a message in a chat, you can set up an alert to let you know.

Instant reimbursement Communication in Confidence among a Small Group


KakaoTalk has been called the “Korean WhatsApp” by some. Exactly what is it? It’s a social app with many of the standard chat capabilities, such as audio and video chatting, instant messaging, location sharing, and group texting. Even though it has over 150 million users, most of them are located in Korea, so if you’re from the West, you probably don’t know anyone who is already using it.

However, if you’re going to Korea, this is the only messaging app the locals use, so you should download it before you go. That which appeals to us With this chat software, it’s simple to track down certain individuals by conducting a search using a combination of their name, phone number, and/or email address (this does, of course, raise security concerns for some.) It’s usually helpful to see who in a group chat has actually read your post. It’s cross-platform, so if your phone runs out of juice you can continue a conversation on your computer. As for the things that bother us: Due to the lack of data encryption, which in turn poses major privacy concerns, users should exercise caution before disclosing any personal information.

KakaoTalk will start using your cell plan minutes if you try to make a call to someone who doesn’t have the app. Highly specific to the Korean market; limited appeal beyond the peninsula. Features that KaKaoTalk Offers In-Second Messaging System Plus companion (get exclusive deals from our favourite brands) Handling of personal contacts Media playback and visuals Sharing (photos and videos) (photos and videos) Intended for Confidential Communication Messages to a Group Online timetabler Communication Flow Outward Sharing Your Position Emoticons


Kik is an instant messaging programme that works across several platforms and offers many of the same features as other apps in this category, such as one-on-one and group messaging. Kik allows you to sign up with just your email address, unlike many of its rivals that need your phone number.

Kik is a messaging app that works similarly to texting but over a Wi-Fi connection, rather than your phone’s data plan. Use your data or find a Wi-Fi spot, and your texting is free, which is wonderful if your plan has limited texting credits. That which appeals to us If the recipient has viewed your message, a read receipt will be generated and forwarded to you. A reliable replacement for classic SMS that boasts some extra features With over 300 million users, it’s probable that you already know someone who uses it. The ability to see in real time when someone is typing a response to your text message.

As for the things that bother us: Not possible to send texts until connected to Wi-Fi. Several of Kik’s capabilities Confer via video link Notifications Real-time input Compulsory buddy request Discuss in a cluster Interacting with others via various forms of media Individualization of conversational exchanges


Facebook Messenger from Facebook is used by over 1.3 billion people every month. That which appeals to us An intuitive user interface Especially on mobile devices, the video is of high quality.

Now, you may make video calls from your mobile device to a computer, or vice versa. In general, we had a problem-free calling experience with no call dropouts or frozen or stuttering images. As for the things that bother us: All of this is under Facebook’s watchful eye. Concerns regarding privacy have been voiced in the past, and to be honest, Facebook has always been interested in tracking its users’ activities and gathering as much information as possible about them. The Facebook Messenger Features That Set It Apart Specify your location Show off your media Discuss in a cluster Conversations via video call Communicate verbally via leaving voicemails Finances: Send Money (US, UK, and France only) Talk to establishments and do things like that like making reservations.

Laugh it up with your pals and play some games

Google Hangouts

Is now Google Chat

Google Hangouts appears to continue Google’s heritage of minimal design. Even if you’ve never used it before, you shouldn’t have any trouble sending messages or initiating a video conversation because of how straightforward the interface is. If you only want to chat, it’s a terrific option; but, it can have lag, especially in group video settings, so you and your team will require a stable and fast internet connection. That which appeals to us Connectivity to landline telephones Transmission of Short Message Service As for the things that bother us: Having a reliable internet connection is essential for a smooth Google Hangouts experience.

Features exclusive to Google Hangouts Videoconferencing with a large group To make international phone calls Transmission of Short Message Service Modular Voicemail System You may share everything from text and images to GIFs and emojis. With screen sharing, you and your team can all see the same thing at the same time, which is useful when presenting an idea or working on a project at the Use your computer or mobile device to send and receive messages.


Chatting with a large number of people at once using FaceTime With Apple’s iPhone and iPad, up to 32 individuals can join a single Group FaceTime session, and it’s easy to use and operates smoothly. You may access Animojis, text, and other amazing designs by tapping the star icon on the left. While older iPhones can still use Group FaceTime, they won’t have access to the same effects as newer models.

That which appeals to us Good performance; I experienced no lag at all. A larger group on the call will cause the app to use more resources, which could cause your iPhone to overheat if it is an older model. It may take a little to get used to the layout, but once you do, everything should run smoothly. As for the things that bother us: Apple has stopped Group FaceTime (GFT) as of January 2019 because to security concerns (the “Eavesdrop bug”), which allowed a caller to eavesdrop on another caller prior to their answering the call. Specific FaceTime Capabilities The ability to identify currently speaking individuals is known as “active speaker detection.”

Without disturbing the other members of the group, you can join a call without hearing a ring. Integrate with iMessage and start a Group FaceTime session from within the app. Encryption safeguards all of your data against unauthorized access.


Snapchat When it comes down to it, Snapchat is all about capturing instantaneous moments. When you want to let someone know that you’re impressed by what they’ve done, instead of sending a text message, pull out your phone and take a picture.

Because of its visual nature, it has become an effective promotional tool for businesses to disseminate promotional images to their target audiences, and for influencers to expand their fan bases and boost their reputations. That which appeals to us Launches directly into the camera app for instantaneous photo/video capture. Using several optical enhancements to images The skill of creating narratives that hold the attention of the audience We do not like The new user interface makes it harder to find certain stories and hides them from acquaintances and clients. Below are just a few of Snapchat’s many features. Bitmojis in three dimensions Stickers and glasses Instantaneous communication and chitchat with pals Confer via video link Sharing Your Position You can check out where your pals are right now with the help of Snap Map.

Safe online backup for all of your cherished photographs Examine the astrological compatibility of your numerous friendships, the length of time you’ve known each other, and more.


Skype was the first video calling software I ever used, and it’s been around for quite some time. Because Skype works on several devices, you can start a call on your desktop and end it on your phone. In addition, you can use it to make cheap calls to regular phones and cell phones. That which appeals to us The app is cross-platform, meaning that it may be used on a computer, a Mac, an iPad, an iPhone During a conference call, you may now easily share documents like spreadsheets with the other participants.

Videoconferencing with a large group Sharing your screen An intuitive user interface As for the things that bother us: It seems to stutter and pause quite a bit, even if both you and the recipient have a fast internet connection. Disconnections – while uncommon, they occur often enough to warrant a mention in this evaluation. The programme appears to be quite resource-intensive while it is operating, giving the impression that it is a burden on your machine. Specifics of Skype’s Functions Conversations via video call Talk to people you know and send them messages. Communications via voice call to fixed and mobile phones (this is a paid option) Using SMS Connect, you may access and respond to your incoming and outgoing mobile text messages.

Just shoot and send whatever you want.


While it’s true that Viber is a widely used instant messaging programme, it will likely never overtake the dominance of Skype and WhatsApp. Nonetheless, Viber (Rakuten) is not a minor player; in fact, Statistica reports that Viber Messenger has more than 1 billion registered users globally in 193 countries. That which appeals to us The Viber Out function enables you to place calls to regular phones and landlines. In-Transit Encryption As of the year 2018, Viber boasted a user base of over 1 billion people throughout the world.

We do not like It’s not always the case, but the call quality isn’t as excellent as on other chat applications like Skype or FaceTime, and there does seem to be a little lag, so you end yourself interrupting the other person. Several of Viber’s many functions Compatible with both Macs and PCs, you’ll be able to view and respond to your chats on either device (calls and messages) Talk and video chat for free (app-to-app) Make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles using Viber Out. Swap pictures, stickers, and other visual media. Complete confidentiality thanks to end-to-end encryption. Deleterious communications Sharing Your Position.


Free and easy to use, it’s ideal for school clubs, gaming communities, and the art world to work together.
Discord is a freeware program for Windows and the web. The app, developed in California, allows users to have both one-on-one and group conversations. Private, invite-only channels can be created by users. Sharing your screen and playing games online are both possible.

Inviting just certain persons into restricted areas in order to gain access. The time difference between the audio and the visual is almost imperceptible. Playing video games online via streaming and screen sharing are some of the available features.

Discord is a great social networking program. Those in their adolescent years and early adulthood will find the app to be the most useful and enjoyable for socializing, chatting with strangers and making new friends.

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