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There are thousands of websites that you and I can choose from to chat online without registration. A lot of websites pop in search results when you search for “online chat” but are they what you are looking for?

Online chat sites are often not as much fun as deemed to because of spam. Spam ruins the fun of conversation. And of course you did not join the chat to find out about the “hot girls in your area”.

For those who have been looking for genuine conversation and interest based chatting, I invite you to join Yesichat’s Live online chat rooms without registration.

Registration isn’t necessary unless you would like to add people to your contact list. Making an account lets you keep your contacts and from losing your account in case you accidentally cleared browser data.

For those who do not want to register ever and just do your random chat, you will never ever be required to register. You can continue to chat a guest as long as you want.

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