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Making new friends isn’t always that easy. Are you looking to make new friends online? Then chat rooms are the great fit for you.

Not only can you talk to a lot of people, you can also make new friends by chatting online. A little of your free time spent at can help us and you. How us? By using our platform you will help us help those who are like looking to make new friends. In return for your favor we will help you make new friends too.

Chat rooms are a great way of carrying out new conversations and even online dating at some point. Conversation is important in order to understand people and intentions. If you can understand people, you can decide if you want to be their friend or not.

What could you do to make new friends?

There is not much that you will have to do. In fact, it is completely upon us to introduce you to other people looking to make new friends. We will help you connect with interested users. Your part is where you create good conversations in order to establish a bond of trust. Trust will help your relationship prosper.

Here is how you can start with

  1. Join in with a username. There isn’t much to do. Type anything. We will let you know below the field when the username is available.
  2. Once it says username is available click on continue. That’s it, you don’t have to do anything except providing a username for the first time you visit yesichat.
  3. Next? Next is you are logged in into the chat only by using a username, nothing else, no email or password. We will guide you with everything in a process.
  4. Right after you get in, your first random chat will begin with an anonymous user.
  5. Yes, you are anonymous too. It is just a warm up session. If it is not a completely random conversation you are looking for disconnect the chat and hit back on your phone or close the conversation box on your pc.
  6. We let you manage interests in order to give you the most suitable people to talk to.
  7. You can continue to chat with people randomly, we will either notify you about an interest match or will connect you directly with them.
  8. Try out the online chat rooms or we will suggest you a suitable one on our own.

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