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Sometimes you are bored and you need someone to talk to and all your super busy friends have no time for you. Why not just message a stranger or meet hundreds of crazy strangers in a group conversation. Here, at Yesichat, we provide you two modes of chatting. The first one is very basic yet fun, a group chat. In a group chat, you can find hundreds of people who are willing to talk about almost anything.

You can introduce yourself to them or ask anyone out to start a one on one conversation in Private Chat. For this, you have to join a chat rooms website. But why would you want to go through the boring registration and Email verification process just to have some fun conversation with like minded boys and girls online. We allow you to sign in to our mobile chat rooms without registration.

All you have to do is press the Start Chatting button above this paragraph. Absolutely no registration, no email, no flash,  no downloading, no credit card is required. Just type a nickname and press a button and the chat is ready. Cool, isn’t it?

What are the features?

What else do you need when you can enjoy live chat for free with no registration on your favorite mobile device like iphone, ipad or a tablet? The one among hundreds of fantastic features of Yesichat is that we allow you to chat with any device that you own because our web app runs on all of them! Just grab any Android, Ios or any mobile phone to sign in for direct chatting without email. If you need something else, do suggest it to us via the contact form.

We provide you a variety of online live chat rooms like Lobby, Asian Friends, Teen Chat, Roleplay, Naughty but nice,  Indonesia chat room, Uk Chat, Anonymous USA, Filipino chat room, Indonesia Chatting App, Romania Chat, Depression & Anxiety Support, Feeling Suicidal, College Students Chat etc.

All of these rooms have been created so that like minded people can connect with the ones they are willing to. If you are a fun loving teen, then you can meet other teens who will definitely enjoy to have an awesome teen like you as their friend.

In case, you like meeting new people of all types and have a very dynamic taste, you will probably be more comfortable in our Lobby room because, every second a new user is entering the Lobby room which makes it possible for you to spot strange, fun and amusing people easily which is difficult to spot in real life.

Are chat rooms for shy people?

If you are a shy person, chat rooms are the best place for you to mingle with real life humans sitting in front of a computer because the experience of this virtual world will help you to be familiar and will build up your ability to socialize with the people around you in real life. If you think Ghana is only famous for coffee, you might have to rethink because on our Ghana free chatting mobile room you can meet the amazing dudes and girls from West Africa. Also, we have mobile chat with stranger downloading feature where you can install our app from play store and meet fun people.

If you are searching for girls free chat contact no, then please be gentle in the chat rooms, introduce yourself, chat with a girl and politely invite her to private chat where you may get a change to know the girl’s phone number.

All I feel is this is not a virtual chat room, rather, it is a real life chat room free of limitations where you can meet random people from Thailand, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, UK, Ghana, Asia, Africa, etc. (the list will keep ever growing as we have users from more than 180 countries).

Edit 1: Now you can enjoy free voice/ video calls with the users on our website. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome regarding the random video chatting feature.

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