Cloudflare 502 Bad Gateway error fills the Internet

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Most of your favorite internet sites might not be working properly right now because the World’s largest CDN (cloudflare) is experiencing connection issues.

Is yesichat down? Is Y99 down? Is Discord down? Is BigRock down? Is Zendesk down? Is Intercom down? Is DigitalOcean down? Yes, all of them went down.

How can we fix this?

Right now, all you can do is visit the cloudflare status page and keep refreshing it every 2-3 minutes to check if the page says “Problem fixed”. Since, most sites on the internet use Cloudflare (a speed & security provider), they are all down right now.

Edit 1: Cloudflare engineers are highly skilled and they have improved the situation to a great extent as of now.

More information available on the Cloudflare status page.

Cloudflare Status

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