How to be safe in chat rooms?

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1. Do not reveal any personal information (strict rule)

Do not reveal your name, school/college name, employer name, photos, address, social media account or email. That’s it. No matter how appealing the stranger is, simply don’t trust them enough to give them your personal information.

If you are a Yesichat user, you can safely add them on here. If they annoy you in future, unfriend & block them. Yesichat’s add friend feature is secure & anonymous.

Teenagers have to strictly follow this rule on social websites because even if you believe you are capable of avoiding traps, someone thrice your age pretending to be a sweet & kind person is difficult to distinguish from a trap. Always tell your parents about the social sites you are using.

2. Do not think twice before ending the chat.

Always end the chat as soon as you are uncomfortable. The person on the other side knows nothing about you. If they have made you uncomfortable by saying something unexpected/weird, simply disconnect.

If the stranger scares you and asks you not to disconnect, simply disconnect!

That’s all! These two rules are enough to keep you safe online. The information beyond this bold line is for awareness & informational purpose.

How to stay safe on the internet?

How to prevent Doxxing?

Doxxing (also called Doxing) simply means using bits of information about you to find out larger & more specific information.

You don’t have to fear about doxing if you follow rule 1 and 2.

Example of doxing: John has Sam’s first name & college name. John finds out Sam’s full name & email address by looking up his name on the college website. John uses email & real name to find our Sam’s social media accounts. Sam’s social media accounts have a lot of photos, his employer information, address, his family information & his birth day. John doxxed Sam.

How to avoid social engineering

  • If the stranger tells you your location (city or country) accurately, most of the times, its a guess. Also, some ancient sites establish chat connection on peer to peer technology which leaks your IP address. Its not a security or privacy threat. IPs can tell your city/country. This doesn’t mean you have been hacked. Simply end chat or block them. Yesichat is completely anonymous so you need not worry.

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