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There are several chat sites nowadays that promise free chatting and allow users free chatting even without making the user download or register before starting chat.

Several chat sites have taken into account the cooler way of providing chatting service that is free chat that is available prior to registration without downloading anything.

What is the reality of paid sites that advertise as free chat without registration?

When we talk about free chat, we seriously mean that the chat should levy no hidden costs to make a fair practice however lots of paid sites seem to have false advertised as free chat without registration however they in no way are what they claim to be. They charge high price by showing users recorded videos of models to lure them into buying a paid plan.

How can you meet friends online in free chat?

There are several free chat services on the internet that have and share users from different corners or lets say locations or regions of the world. Lets say you are a chat user from usa using your phone to chat on services that are compatible with your mobile device and you land on one of the sites like (us) . We on our end allow users to connect / interact in group chats which means you have higher chances of being enrolled into the conversation that will ultimately lead you to talk to people from various regions of the world and also users in your area.

Does yesichat let you meet friends online in Germany, Australia, USA, Canada and other popular regions?

Not just places like Germany, Australia, USA, Canada but yesichat connects people from over 200 different countries with various dialects and culture. We introduce users to each other with means of group and private chatting. Interacting on meme pages, blog discussions, polls and every other feature we bring in for the users.

Do we have an app to do the same?

Our chat platform is usable on any web browser of any device such as phones, iphones, tablets, pc or mac. We also provide apps for the same platforms as an extra means to stay with the platform. It also keeps you connected to the friends you make when you use our chat.

Is yesichat an app to make friends around the world?

Like I already mentioned we connect people from over 200 countries. Our app lets you connect by various means of video and voice calling. Private and group chats, random group and private chats. Interaction on pages with meme and comments and every new feature. Features we bring into use is all about making it easier for you make friends. Either be rom your own area or from around the world.

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