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Hello buddy, you must be tired of receiving spam messages from bots. Registering accounts on every other site and downloading their ad filled apps. But that was yesterday. Today, you no longer have to go through those time consuming steps. Our chat application is focuses on giving you a comfortable experience. We have random chat (one to one) and chat rooms ( many to many ) without registration. No app is required to start chatting. We have implemented various anti bot solutions to ensure you get a bot free experience. No bot has a right to ruin the experience of 1000s of users for their boring advertisement that nobody falls for.

What is a random chat bot?

A random chat bot is a human made computer program which sends spam advertisements (mostly a scam) to the users of a chat room website. These bots have become so popular that its no longer possible to enjoy our favorite chat rooms we once used to spend our days in. Bots make unnecessary notification sounds, popups and fill your inbox with unwanted messages.

What is the solution to block bots?

To block a chat room bot because you obviously don’t like them you should set your messenger to friends only. Few chat rooms have this facility. Our chat room software has inbuilt several layers of anti bot mechanism so you need not disable your messenger however, you can do so if you wish.

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