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This article isn’t about chatting with countries but about chatting with people from other countries. I am not going to tell you how to chat because that doesn’t make sense. Everyone knows how to chat and if you understood what I was trying to say, cool.

For over two years our platform is being used by online chat lovers from over 200 countries, says google analytics. It is not just google analytics but even we know its true because we have come across that many people every now and then and 2 years is a long time.

People from these many countries have been our motivation and we have been running this online chat till this date and like I said I am not here to teach you how to chat or give you the list of the online chat sites because you probably already know and have come across online chat sites if you are here.

My agenda is letting you know that we are that online chat site you look for every now and then. We are small but a great community of users and you are welcome to join us.

Join this growing online chat to chat with people from other countries.

Think we missed mentioning something? Let us know. If an existing user is reading this you can drop your funny comments about the article not making any sense. 😛

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