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Chat rooms have existed since 1973. They have existed under various company names and now have evolved to become many similar platforms where a group of people can interact.

Anonymous chat rooms were silenced by their major successors like such as Yahoo, MSN and AOL however small chat rooms have always existed.

The first dedicated chat room to be ever available for public use was first introduced in 1980, namely CompuServe CB Simulator. What exactly is special about the chat rooms? Chat rooms have always been popular for allowing a group of people to interact in a simulated environment in real-time.

Comments, facebook groups and twitter allow group interactions but those interactions aren’t as quicker as compared to the chat rooms.

What is the current state of chat rooms?

Chat rooms now exist as many smaller groups on several domains. Although, not many large chats exist now but 200-500 people in a group is still not a big deal. There are chat websites with over 700 people in a single group. How cool is that?

Like I said, there are a lot of chat rooms now. Finding chat rooms isn’t a tough task either. A person looking to start a group conversation or join an existing group can search on search engines about their interests and can find chat rooms for it.

Types of chat rooms

In 2020, chat rooms have broadened. There are several kind of chat sites run by many webmasters.

Random chat rooms

These chat rooms do not have any specific agenda or topic. Users chat without a topic and they seem to remain that way for now. A user randomly joins the chat and begins to talk on random topic. They may pick a ongoing topic or randomly say something to start their own. The success rate of these conversations are minimal because they can be altered easily when someone points out something awkward.

Topical Websites

These chat rooms carry the same theme overall. They have the same theme for their entire domain. For example,, the entire domain is based on roleplay related discussions. Similarly, there are other websites that stick to their kind of topic.

Mutli-topic websites

Multi-topic chat rooms have various channels and they are each dedicated to their own kind of topics. The virtue of this kind of chat rooms is it lets user participate in various kinds of conversations whenever they wish to. Switching rooms in this type of website is easy.

Features of new chat rooms

Random chats

Some chat rooms come with a random chat feature such as that of Random chat is evidently useful for engaging users that do not have specific interests.

Random chats can be both anonymous and direct.

User Forums

Chat room sites have forums both for the purpose of discussing technical difficulties and user interactions. Some conversations need a wider space for discussion and forums help with that.

These forums may also include funny conversations, jokes and memes from internet and social media.

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